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Online store in social networks: advantages and difficulties

SMM is one of the most transparent yet slow-paced marketing tools. As a rule, you will get the result after 3 months of promotion. This is due to the fact that customers need time to get to know the store so that it becomes a friend, and not just a supplier of goods and caldo de pollo xxx. The task of SMM specialists who workwith online stores is to inform, advise and attract new and new customers with their friendliness. It doesn’t matter that promotion in social networks in Moscow or in the regions is not an easy task, and the overall efficiency depends on its solution, which can be noticeably higher than with search promotion or contextual ads. Because selling to friends has always been easier than selling to strangers.

At the same time, SMM is the most transparent of all marketing tools. At any time, you can thoroughly study your customers, their age, gender, city, interests; conduct marketing research; analyze which product causes a greater response and so on.