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How to understand if NPO Telegram is needed

Working with supporters, self-expression of the leader, fees for activities, badava rascal movie download – all this is real in Telegram. Another question is how relevant it is to solve such problems on this particular platform. Vitaly Samolet advises NGOs to answer five questions.

Who is the target audience of NGOs?

61% of Russian app users are men living in large cities. Age – 25-34 years, 45% of users have higher education. Among the professions, IT, production and trade are in the lead.

“If you don’t have this audience in Telegram, it’s better to collect it. Until you understand whether she uses the application at all, whether you can attract her to subscribe right away and where you will collect in the future, there is no point in starting a channel, ”said Samolet.

Is there “expertise”?
Now in Telegram, the topic of charity is mostly interested in professionals, people from the third sector, while the mass audience is still small. Therefore, the NPO should choose a few experts who can talk about their narrow topic in simple terms.

Is the organization ready to create unique content?
The audience will not read reposts from other social networks. We need resources to create content specifically for Telegram.

Does the NPO do content marketing?
Content marketing is the creation and dissemination of useful information to attract new audiences. If the organization does not do this, is there a specialist who can create and distribute materials for it?

“But if you manage other social networks at the same time, it will be easier to adapt the materials,” the expert notes.

How will the organization promote their channel?
If an NPO wants to solve a specific problem – to reach a large audience, increase awareness, increase fees – it is necessary to think about promotion. This also takes time and money – are they there?