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How to prevent Telegram from saving files to your phone: freeing up space

How to prevent Telegram from saving files tango premium videos to your phone and taking up a huge amount of gigabytes of memory? An excellent question that requires detailed consideration – we are ready to share our observations with you.

Disable saving
On iPhone

Let’s try to figure out how to prevent Telegram from saving files to your iPhone. The option, which will be discussed below, is intended to disable the uploading of photos!

Open the messenger;
Click on the settings gear on the bottom right panel;
Find the “Data and Memory” section;
Go to the “Others” block;
Find the “Save Received Photos” tab and expand it.
Inside you will find a small menu – four items:

Other private chats
You can make it so that Telegram does not save data in memory – and each group is configured separately. Just adjust the toggle switches opposite the names. If the switch is moved to the green position, the option is activated. If the toggle switch is highlighted in gray, the save function for this category is disabled.

We were able to disable saving photos in Telegram at the program level. Now it’s worth discussing how the cache works. This is a special repository where all media data from all chats, groups and channels goes. Data is stored for fast application operation and instant download!

You can disable saving to cache – thereby, reduce the load on the device and free up space. In this case, the files will not be deleted, at any time you can upload again only the videos or photos you need:

Remaining in the “Data and Memory” section, find the “Memory Usage” tab;
On the “Keep files” scale, move the toggle switch to the “Three days” position. After this period, the data that has not been viewed will be deleted from the device;
Go to the “Maximum cache size” scale and select the minimum value “5 GB”. This will automatically clear the media when the limit is reached.
By the way, below there is a button to clear the cache – you will need it right now! Be prepared to wait a few minutes.

On Android

Now let’s move on to another question – what to do to prevent Telegram from saving files to the Android phone?

Log in to the application;
Click on the three stripes at the top left and go to the settings;
Find the “Chat Settings” tab;
Find the “Save to Gallery” button and turn the toggle switch opposite to the inactive position.

The first step has been taken! Unwanted videos and photos will not be uploaded directly to the device gallery. Don’t believe how much space can be saved with a simple push of a button.

The next step is to figure out how to disable saving files to the cache in Telegram. We pick up Android and continue!

Go back to the app settings;
Find the Data & Memory tab.
Follow the analogy with iPhone – choose a minimum storage period, set a cleaning limit and start deleting data right now!